DarkVeins: The 18th birthday party turns red in Book of Monsters

"Revealed the teaser trailer of Book of Monsters (UK - 2018), the monster movie inspired by the 80s and 90s filmography, inspired in particular by films such as Scream , Gremlins and Buffy - The Vampire Slayer . In the film there is a lack of irony but also practical effects that enrich the splatter and gore sequences, for an adventure full of horrors but also fun. Produced by Dark Rift Films, Book of Monsters is directed by Stewart Sparke ( The Creature Below ) and will be premiered at the Arrow Video FrightFest on August 25, 2018" - http://www.darkveins.com/186199-la-festa-18esimo-compleanno-si-tinge-rosso-nellhorror-book-of-monsters/

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