LiveForFilms: Arrow Video FrightFest 2018: Day 3 – Book of Monsters

"Book of Monsters is terrific fun and a total crowd pleaser. The non-CGI creatures look brilliant and the designs are fantastic, including a hideous wendigo, a saucy shapeshifter, and a trio of bloodthirsty gnomes – who were my favourite. A practical FX paradise that is also jammed full of Spaced-style humour and huge fountains of blood, I hope we get more in the form of a sequel or a TV show very soon and will definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever Sparke gets up to next." -

**** 4/5

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Premiere Scene: Book of Monsters Frightfest 2018 Interviews

After a successful Kickstarter campaign which monsters did you choose for the six kickass women to fight off at an 18th birthday party! At Arrow Video FrightFest Premiere Scene’s Claire Bueno and Anthony Bueno interview director Stewart Sparke and actors Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, Lizzie Stanton, Nicholas Vince, Arron Dennis, Anna Dawson, Rose Muirhead, Johnny Vivash, Daniel Thrace.

Kim Newman: FrightFest review – Book of Monsters

The British team of director Stewart Sparke and writer Paul Butler made The Creature Below, a low-key Lovecraftian mood piece, but lighten up here with another all-purpose ‘80s homage.  The stated aim is to homage the likes of The Thing and Gremlins, but of course the more meagre resources available to this crew and the mere fact that it’s a homage rather than an original mean that the results are more likely to be compared with The Deadly Spawn and Ghoulies – which is no bad thing, especially since this has a proudly British, Northern feel to it that contrasts with Yanxploitation efforts.

HeyUGuys: Book of Monsters Review – FrightFest 2018

Whatever you’re expecting from a British horror comedy called Book of Monsters you’ll get it here, in Stewart Sparke’s totally madcap micro-budget monster mash. A lovingly-made and naturally funny crowd-pleaser, it’s the sort of balls-to-the-wall low-rent genre filmmaking that’s kept the scene alive for so long, bathed in practical blood and guts and huge, physical puppets. 

**** 4/5

YorkPress: Why York is becoming the new house of horror as Book Of Monsters launches at FrightFest

This 86-minute follow-up to their £12,000 2016 debut, The Creature Below – also premiered at the annual FrightFest film festival – can be seen at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square at 11am as part of the First Blood scheme, with tickets on sale at

LiveForFilms: Dare you open the Book of Monsters? Watch the trailer here

"Directed by Stewart Sparke and based on a script by Paul Butler, the film stars Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, Lizzie Stanton, Anna Dawson, Rose Muirhead, Steph Mossman, Nicholas Vince, Daniel Thrace, and Arron Dennis." -

HorrorFuel: Horror Comedy ‘Book Of Monsters’ Releases Gore Filled Trailer Ahead Of FrightFest

"Ahead of its world premiere at this year’s FrightFest, the trailer for the horror comedy Book of Monsters has released its first gore-filled trailer.

Filled with gore, sex, and supernatural entities, the film, directed by Stewart Sparke and written by Paul Butler, stars Lyndsey Craine, Michaela Longden, Lizzie Stanton, Daniel S. Thrace, Anna Dawson, Rose Muirhead, Arron Dennis, Steph Mossman, and Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser)"


"With FrightFest creeping up on us next month, fang-flashing, shapeshifting, Dark Rift Films’ chainsaw-raising horror spoof Book of Monsters has decided to freak us out ahead of time and just unleashed a new trailer and poster—with a chest-bursting surprise." -

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