DARK RIFT FILMS is a film production company focused on producing big ideas on small budgets

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DARK RIFT FILMS is developing a commercially viable slate of genre feature films, seeking to bring their experience in producing big ideas on small budgets, to a larger audience. 



The team bring unique blend of expertise from film and television production to writing, directing, producing, post-production and marketing. Our award winning* films have been screened at international film festivals and received critical acclaim.



Our first feature film THE CREATURE BELOW secured distribution deals at CANNES and AFM in ten territories. The film is out now on DVD & VOD in the USA and Canada.

* 3 Wins & 6 Nominations - International Horror Movie Awards (The Creature Below), Inspiration Award - Royal Television Society (Loss & Legacy), Best Special Effects - Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (Rats!)

Available in the USA & Canada on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, and On Demand through your local cable provider.


The Creature Below is a horror feature  film about a young scientist whose discovery of a malevolent entity sets her on a bloody descent into the jaws of insanity. The film introduces a terrifying new monster to the genre and with slimy practical creature and gore effects, it promises audiences a deeply disturbing new addition to the international horror scene.

Directed by Stewart Sparke and Written by Paul Butler. Starring Anna Dawson as Olive, Michaela Longden as Ellie, Daniel S. Thrace as Matt, Johnny Vivash as Dara, Zach Lee as Fletcher, David Shackleton as Herbert and Libby Watts as Mrs. Jones.

THE CREATURE BELOW is Dark Rift Film's first feature film and premiered at FRIGHTFEST London in 2016 and has since secured international distribution deals at CANNES and AFM in ten territories, with the first DVD & VOD release available now in the US & Canada. Self financed by Dark Rift Films with a budget of only £12,000 and shot over just fourteen days, the film proved critically and commercially successful.

For sales please contact: galen@highoctanepictures.com

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MUST SEE! The Creature Below is a Remarkable Narrative Complimented with Outstanding Visuals
— Decay Magazine


A journalist is drawn into a dangerous investigation of a centuries old sinister folklore surrounding disappearances with links to the occult.


Blood Myth is a horror feature film laced with black humour about a journalist's desperate search for answers into the disappearance of his pregnant fiancée which has ties to a centuries old sinister folklore surrounding the occult.

It is the debut feature film from writer/directors Sean Brown and Luke Gosling and produced by Bearing 305 Productions, in association with Dark Rift Films. Stewart Sparke acts as Associate Producer.

Journalist James Lincoln is trapped between a job he has become disillusioned with and the duty of providing for the imminent arrival of his first child. Assigned to report on witness accounts regarding myths, urban legends and conspiracy theories as a penance, sceptic James is drawn to a centuries old folklore with links to the occult, known as "Thirty".

During his investigation into the "Thirty" disappearances in the rural village of Herg, James’ pregnant fiancée Harriet, who has joined him for the weekend in the Yorkshire Moors, vanishes during the night. James desperately sets about trying to find Harriet and finally uncover the truth behind the sinister folklore, but is met with hostility and suspicion from all those he comes into contact with, leading him down a dangerous road of discovery.

For sales please contact: bearing305productions@gmail.com


“We envisaged a film that is chilling and atmospheric, a ghost story in the guise of a horror which is conceivable enough it puts the audience in the characters shoes to the point it unnerves them.”
— Sean Brown - Writer/ Director


Dir: Stewart Sparke / Writer: Paul Butler

A trio of quarantined scientists will be burnt alive unless they can expose and extract a deadly alien parasite that could be hiding inside anyone of them.

Containment was produced for the Horror Channel's ShortCuts to Hell Competition in 2014. The film was shortlisted among 23 other 3 minute short horror films and is now available to buy in the ShortCuts to Hell II anthology film on DVD or iTunes.


Dir: Stewart Sparke / Writer: Paul Butler

In this comedy horror short film, a young woman finds her home plagued by mutant Rats from Outer Space.

Rats! is a horror/comedy short film in the vein of the creature features of the late 80s and early 90s such as Gremlins and Critters. The goal was to create a film with minimal CGI and instead use practical creature puppets and costumes. In Combination with buckets of fake blood and drool, the Rats were brought to life and the final film reflects an era of horror films long gone by. 


Dir: Stewart Sparke / Writer: Paul Butler

An ageing chieftain of a small village faces certain death in a duel against a marauding warlord, something which the chieftain's son finds difficult to stomach.

A ground-breaking film set in Viking Age Britain and with dialogue entirely in Old Norse. 'Hólmganga' takes us back to a time when preserving honour was more important than preserving one’s life.


Dir: Stewart Sparke / Writer: Paul Butler

Set in the 1960s, the Arctic research vessel Tornado is on a mission to investigate strange weather and zoological phenomenon in the North Pole. It is there that they make a startling discovery - a submarine missing since the Second World War, buried under the ice for over 20 years. But they soon find that what they uncovered was best left buried.

Frostbite is a proof of concept trailer for a Horror/Adventure feature film currently in development.